A Winter Training Week

Follow along as I track my for a week.  This of year it’s all about getting the body ready for some harder work. My body does not recover from high intensity work as quickly as most so I focus more on volume and tempo work. I am still nursing a couple injuries (strained bicep and a nagging hamstring/piriformis thing.) So we will see how it goes.

Please check in as I update my training through out the week. Your feedback and questions are welcome.

Monday (2/10/14)

I woke up to a nasty head cold, temperatures in the low thirties and freezing drizzle. Not ideal for a long run day.  I went ahead and moved my run to mid morning and focused on work hoping for warmer temps and to feel better. I have learned that if I am getting , I am getting regardless of exercising or not, so I took the opportunity to work on some mental strength and headed out for my run.

Workout 1: Run (LSD) 2+  hrs.

I was able to log in 2:15 at a very easy pace feeling good. I tend to kick the pace up the last two miles to teach my body how to run fast on tired legs. The first few were rough, but the body knows how to run regardless of how my head feels.

Workout 2: Bike (easy spin) 45 min

I like to do an easy spin on the bike trainer in the evening after a long run day. It helps stretch out my legs and reduces sourness.

I ended the day with my foam roller working out some sore spots. Looking forward to tomorrow… Recovery Day.


Newton Distance S
Timex Run Trainer 2.0
Amphipod Hydration Belt


20 oz. Electrolyte Drink with Maltodextrin
1 Star Crunch

Tuesday (2/11/14)

Tuesday morning started off about the same as Monday with the added visit from my Achilles tendonitis. I have found it odd that seems to produce a lot of inflexibility and tendonitis issues. It is probably from the amount of meds we have to take. Never the less it is a recovery day and I know what to do. I walk tender until my body wakes up, then some calf drops on the stairs followed by a Trigger Point session. And finished off with some Rock Tape.

Workout 1: Swim 52 min. (2,800 as 300 easy, 200 kick, 300 drill – then 5×200 & 10×100)

I had an ok swim. Starting to feel a drain from this head cold. My set got cut short because of another group needing the pool.

Recovery: Foam Roller, Trigger Point, Stretching and Ice

I spend a fair amount of time on recovery days focusing on my muscles and tendons. This not only helps increase my mobility but it also helps me to recover and get ready for a big week ahead.


Foam Roller
Trigger Pint Kit
Big Ice Pack
Rock Tape

Wednesday (2/12/14)

Felling a bit better today. I typically do my hardest bike session of the week today with a short run. Today is also my SubQ treatment. This makes for a very interesting day.

Workout 1: Brick (Bike 90 min. hard with 30 min. tempo run off the bike)

All went well. Started feel good about 30 minutes into the bike and finished the run strong.


24 oz PowerAde + Carbo Pro
2 Star Crunch (hungry)

Thursday (2/13/14)

Still sick, I am now on , prednisone and inhalers. Unexpected is that my daughter is now home sick. So, today is all about creative scheduling.

Workout 1: 1 hr. easy bike trainer

Workout 2: Strength Training. I could not make it to the gym to lift so I did some plyometric work and stair sprints.

Workout 3: 30 min easy run before bed

Friday (2/14/14)

Sometimes you just have to let go of your plans and take a day off.

Saturday (2/15/14)

Feeling better today so after volunteering with the family at a local half marathon I headed out for my big ride of the week.

Workout 1: 3:20 long ride.

The ride went good except for having to fight a 20 mph headwind.


Specialized Multisport
(it’s old but it works)


3 x 24 oz electrolyte & Carbo Pro
3 rice crispy
2 star crunch

Sunday (2/16/14)

I made it to Sunday. Feeling a bit beak up after riding into the wind yesterday, but all should be easy.

Workout 1: Run 30. Very easy, focusing on form.

Workout 2: Swim 3200 meters. I love this set. Long slow intervals.

Workout 3: Bike 1hr. A very easy cool down.

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David Brumley is an immunodeficient triathlete diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, in 2008. Through the sport of triathlon he will inspire, equip and encourage you to find your better in life. Professionally he works independently in the field of marketing and design. David is married and has one beautiful daughter along with a dog, cat and two guinea pigs.

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