When Sick Is Normal

I am currently for my first full Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky in August of 2014. I still encounter more bad days than good ones and have to pull the ‘Dad doesn’t feel well’ card more than I would like. But, I am better. I still lack energy, feel fatigued and find my body just shutting down. Along with that there is the depression of living with a chronic illness to fight, germ exposure to watch for and a list of symptoms still exist if not kept in check through lifestyle choices. My genetics cannot be changed. But, I don’t want sympathy. I don’t want to be remembered as poor David. I want to be remembered as a person who achieved his best despite his weakness.

If through finding my MyBetter, I can encourage others with to find theirs, it is all worth the trip. It has made me a better husband, father and friend and taught me to be proactive about proper eating, exposure and rest. My motto when having a bad day is to say, “Stop waiting to feel better. Do something to be better!”

I developed the web site TriForBetter.com to inspire, encourage and equip those with Primary to find their better (MyBetter). It is an online venue for those of us with genetic, non-curable disease to encourage each other and share our stories. We hope to inspire all we come in contact with to TriForBetter; whether it be someone with PI or your average ‘Joe’ who just needs to get moving.

Don’t wait to feel better. Do something to feel better. Those who do not have a chronic illness can wait until tomorrow to feel better. Not so when you have or other Immune Deficiencies. It takes being proactive every moment, everyday.

Post Script: Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PI) are a group of more than 250 rare, chronic disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or functions improperly. While not contagious, these diseases are caused by hereditary or genetic defects. Some types affect a single part of the immune system; others may affect one or more components of the system. To learn more about PI please visit http://primaryimmune.org/about-primary-immunodeficiencies.

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David Brumley

David Brumley is an immunodeficient triathlete diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, in 2008. Through the sport of triathlon he will inspire, equip and encourage you to find your better in life. Professionally he works independently in the field of marketing and design. David is married and has one beautiful daughter along with a dog, cat and two guinea pigs.
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