When Sick Is Normal

It’s normal to be a lot – Right?

Summer break was just around the corner and we would be making our long trek from Dallas, Texas to my grandparents’ place in Oregon. I loved going to my grandparents’ because they lived in the country where we were free to explore all day long and I could shoot my BB gun at all kinds of fascinating things- if only I could stay healthy!

But that was not to be. As in every vacation past, every trip ever planned, I was sick! In all the pictures of our vacations, every Christmas, you name it, I look pathetically sick.

From the I was two years old, I came down with some type of bronchial illness at least twice a year. They weren’t just simple ‘colds’ or the flu that soon passed, but bouts that settled in my bronchi lasting two or three weeks, walking pneumonia, ear infections and digestive problems. My doctor blew off the digestive problems as relating to milk intolerance. My Mom tried to keep anything that might trigger an allergic reaction from my diet. Instead of progressively growing out of them, the bouts of sickness became more severe and I became perpetually more tired and lethargic through the years.

I remember our family doctor giving me Vitamin B12 shots along with a dosage of . I rocked along with prescriptions of and B12 throughout my school years. I couldn’t sustain enough energy and missed so much school it was difficult to keep up with my classroom work, let alone have the energy to play sports. I seemed to catch every infection that came along. We accepted this as my norm hoping I would outgrow it.

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David Brumley

David Brumley is an immunodeficient triathlete diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, in 2008. Through the sport of triathlon he will inspire, equip and encourage you to find your better in life. Professionally he works independently in the field of marketing and design. David is married and has one beautiful daughter along with a dog, cat and two guinea pigs.
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