Primary Immunodeficient To Race Ironman

David Brumley, will race his first Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky on August 24, 2014. David has a rare form of primary called (Common Variable Immune Deficiency) and participates in endurance sports as a way to inspire, equip and encourage those living with primary immunodeficiency.

Ironman Louisville

David got into in 2008 after his 3-year-old daughter asked one night, “Dad, when are you going to be no more?” Devastated by the reality he and his family found themselves in, he agreed to be his wife’s partner and race with her in a sprint . After several years of many physical highs and lows he is now dedicating 2014 to helping others find their better. Full story at Primary immunodeficiency is incurable, life debilitating and chronic. It can make a person feel like a victim without hope. It is because of this that David started TriForBetter as a way to share his story and raise awareness along the way.

To learn more about this event, please contact:
David Brumley
5005 Enclave Ct.
McKinney, Texas 75070

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About Primary Immunodeficiency
Primary immunodeficiency diseases () are a group of more than 250 rare, chronic disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or functions improperly. While not contagious, these diseases are caused by hereditary or genetic defects. Some types affect a single part of the immune system; others may affect one or more components of the system. To learn more about please visit

About TriForBetter
TriForBetter aims to inspire, equip and encourage those living with primary immunodeficiency to actively pursue a better quality of life through positive lifestyle changes. It’s all about helping people find their better. David Brumley started TriForBetter as an initiative to inspire others through his involvement in endurance events. David has a Primary Immunodeficiency called CVID. Since it’s inception many living with PI have been inspired to get active and pursue a better quality of life.

About The Author

David Brumley

David Brumley is an immunodeficient triathlete diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, in 2008. Through the sport of triathlon he will inspire, equip and encourage you to find your better in life. Professionally he works independently in the field of marketing and design. David is married and has one beautiful daughter along with a dog, cat and two guinea pigs.

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