Ironman Louisville Live Tracking

How to Follow my Ironman Louisville Journey on the Ironman Live Website

Ironman Live has some great tools for tracking my progress at Ironman Louisville. They will have 4 live camera feeds and an athlete tracker that will show my times as I cross designated timing mats. Follow the steps below if you are unfamiliar with using the ironman live web site starting at around 7 AM EST.

Step One:

Go to and select Ironman Louisville. Or, you can try the direct link:

IM Lou

Step Two:

Once you have reached the Ironman Louisville Live page you can select the “Athlete Tracker” link.


Step Three:

You will now need to enter my name (David Brumley) or my Bib # (1616), and select search.


Step Four:

Watch my progress starting at around 7:00 AM EST. The swim start is a trial start so I may not hit the water till 7:30. Remember, this is a long day and the site can get bogged down from -to- and there might be a delay on my splits.


Step Five:

The fun part is that there will be 4 live camera feeds back on the Live Coverage page. You can use my time splits and a little math to guess when I might be passing by one of the cameras.

About The Author

David Brumley

David Brumley is an immunodeficient triathlete diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency, in 2008. Through the sport of triathlon he will inspire, equip and encourage you to find your better in life. Professionally he works independently in the field of marketing and design. David is married and has one beautiful daughter along with a dog, cat and two guinea pigs.


  • By Jennifer Krebs - on Reply

    Recently read your story and am new to your space. What an inspiration!!! Sending you tuns of great energy for the weekend. Look forward to reading the post race report. Go get it done!!!!!

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