A Winter Training Week
Follow along as David tracks a late winter training week. › Read more
Training while on antibiotics.
Regardless of label warnings and side effects to antibiotics, I still forget the effects they have on my body. › Read more
Stop Waiting To Feel Better
How an Immune deficient Patient went from the couch to the finish line. Lessons I learned along the way. Lesson 1: Stop waiting for that “Perfect Day” to start. Most days I have to make the hard choice to exercise. At first I did not know how hard it would be, how much my body › Read more
Man Living with PI Competes in Triathlons, Strives to “Be Better”
Article by Immune Deficiency Foundation. http://primaryimmune.org/man-living-with-pi-competes-in-triathlons-strives-to-be-better/ › Read more

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