Inspiring BETTER for those living
with Primary .

TRIFORBETTER aims to inspire, equip and encourage those living with Primary Immunodeficiency to actively pursue a BETTER quality of life through positive lifestyle changes. Along the way we will increase awareness and provide support to combat the public perception that is easily managed and that just because patients don’t look , doesn’t mean they are not suffering.


Inspiring hope through athleticism and awareness.


Equipping others to find their better through practical guidance and partnerships.


Encouraging all through a proactive voice and teamwork.

TRIFORBETTER was started by David Brumley as an initiative to inspire others through his involvement in endurance events. David has a Primary Immunodeficiency called . To read more about his story [click here]. Stay connect with us through our blog or social media. If you are interested in partnering with us on this journey please use this contact us.

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